Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Before I even moved back to Manila I've been thinking how I can improve my room. When they were still renovating the place my sister had an idea for her room. She filled her wall (the one separating our rooms) with pages from fashion magazines. Her idea actually turned out pretty nice. My room on the other hand was left bare and white, so color is definitely my first priority.

Jazz's wall

My side of the wall
(those aren't my butterflies btw)

I wanted my wall painted and not just put stuff on it. But because I don't know how to paint I suppose wallpaper will do?? Hmmn...

I did have a few ideas for my wall but it all involves paint. Here are a couple of them.

I think this is the easiest one to paint

Needs a lot of effort

and lastly, a combination of the two

Hmmn... humfanget! LOL

If you know someone whose good at painting please send him over! =)

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