Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was at UP Diliman (University of the Philippines) a couple of days ago to register myself for their summer French1 classes. It was a long commute from my place but I think I can handle it. In fact, I can commute anywhere within the Metro as long as it doesn't take me more than two rides to get there, otherwise, I take a cab. I'm that lazy or you can also call it road/route ignorance?! Whatevs.

Going to UP alone is totally alien to me even though I've been to the Campus a few times before. I remember I was with my college friends visiting one of the yearly festivities held in the park. There were rides, games, tiangge's and a lot street food to go around with. My other memories include movie screenings and some more festivals. All of which are done at night and I always came with friends, along with their cars or sundo's. So learning now that I had to go there myself and commute rattled me a bit. I was never a QC person, hell, I'm not even a Makati person because I still get lost from time to time.

That day in UP I learned to appreciate the campus. It's big gardens, huge shady trees, old but magnificent buildings, aging college Professors and noisy students; whom I heard talk about classes, assignments, hanging out, where to eat, etc. Probably the one thing I miss the most in life, so I'm glad I can be one again - at least for a little while. The campus was dreamy, compared to Benilde's four cornered buildings, warping floor levels and implanted palm trees, UP's was a breath of fresh air, literally.

I've known beforehand that the campus was big but I never realized that it was big-BIG that you have to take a jeepney to get from point A to B or say point A to A.a! Lol. How funny when I blankly stared at a Professor from the Department of European languages after he told me where to pay my fees. Creep'd out by my gaze he awkwardly dashed to his table, handed me a photocopy of UP's map and pointed to PNB, he said that's where I needed to go. "HuwatDaPakingSyet?" I sighed. How stupid of me to think that the Accounting office was just a flight of stairs away or in another corner (like in most Universities!) when in UP it was really like - a few blocks, no, a few kilometers away! Naloka ako.

UP - Ikot route

Amidst the torturous heat that day I eventually got to PNB, a bit sweaty but still in one piece. Extramural fees were paid on the second floor and I guess regular tuition fees were paid on the ground level because it was El Shaddai packed full of people. The upstairs line was manageable but the heat in there was intense. I felt it was better to cook slowly downstairs than be baked instantly up in there. I baked for about 25mins, still a little raw on one side but I was just ecstatic I was out of there. Took out a cig (after asking the guards if it was allowed) and smoked away to the waiting shed. I even made friends with the two tambays while I waited for a jeepney ride back to the Department of European languages.

UP Campus - Katipunan was the jeepney route I needed to take or else I'd be taken further away. I don't want to get lost that's for sure. I made my way back and presented my receipt and talked to Eva. She was in-charge of the whole Extramural classes. We talked for almost an hour, which I did on purpose because she had air-conditioning and I'm sooo desparate to cool myself off. Hahaha. No really, we had a fun conversation, the air-conditioning was a plus. =) I was back home before the night fell and God, I felt so dirty and sticky. I showered for an hour until my fingers were all pruned up. Fresh.

This will be my first ever class in 5 years and it starts on Monday. I'm already anxious to learn. =)


  1. My memory of UP Diliman is making out with someone in the "Sunken Garden" parking lot.

    By the way, did you just win a contest on Chuvaness?!


  2. @yrrepkram

    I did! My first time to ever win something actually. :p

    Though I'm probably more excited to meet with her than getting the prize. Lol

  3. Yay! At dahil diyan, pakainin mo ako sa Pepper Lunch! hahaha. Congratulations!