Monday, April 13, 2009

Coffee Prince

During the course of the Holy week I had re-watched the Korean TV soap, Coffee Prince. I'm not a big soap-opera person, even when Coffee Prince was being shown on GMA it was nowhere near my interest. But when my sister bought the DVD copy and persuaded me to watch, that's when I got hooked.

Yoon Eun-Hye (Eun Chan) L & Gong Yoo (Han Kyul) R

Coffee Prince takes place in Seoul, South Korea. It's a story about a girl (Eun Chan) who was mistaken as a boy. She falls in-love with a man (Han Kyul) which in turn falls in-love with her - not knowing she was actually female, he became confused and that's when things got complicated and such and such...

Besides the really good acting it has lots of funny, sweet and very touching 'crayola' moments. But what's most interesting in the story is it's unprejudiced view to homosexuality. The story doesn't condemn homosexual tendencies but sees it as a norm. That life is evolving and that change is OK, it is acceptable. That's why this soap-opera is so likeable to me because it celebrates love without any boundaries.

Watch the clip below for a song and for a quick preview of Coffee Prince. I really love this song from the Soundtrack - White Love Story by As One.



  1. Aww, this was so cute of you to blog about. =D

  2. @rOcKy I think you'll love this story too. It's worth the watch, promise!