Thursday, March 26, 2009


A few days ago while I was at my brother's store I found my old Nokia mobile phone in his desk drawer. It was a nostalgic feeling seeing it again because that phone gave me a lot of camwhoretastic memories. I quickly grabbed the charger, plugged it in and switched it on. It still works perfectly.

Compared to much older Nokia phones this N-series model's features can be accessed without inserting a SIM. I browsed it's contents for bit just to learn that every data has been wiped out. It must've been my doing when I handed it over to Jim (which I usually do when disposing electronic stuff). So I ended up playing with it's camera features instead.

I took a lot of pictures using the different preset settings. There were not a lot to go by but I still find it useful. Here are the best ones I've captured.

land phone

numeric keys


I was surprised that a few of the images were captured in fairly good quality and in high depth of field. Compared to images from a Digital-SLR, these are very low quality images but from an old Mobile phone's perspective, it is pretty remarkable. Well, in my opinion at least.

Contrary to general beliefs, it's not the size of megapixel and type of lenses that are the key components to providing good quality images, albeit beneficial. Years back I've learned that to capture a decent quality image using a camera phone the user simply needs sturdy hands and very good lighting. That's basically it.

All these stuff made me want to replace my digital camera. It's been with me for five long years and quite frankly it's features are now way down the dark alley in the world of digital cameras. It still works fine but as a result of a couple of Hidalgo fixes it has become shabby, it's durability totally decrepit and the image quality had turned inferior. To add more insult to injury many mobile phones has surpassed it's megapixel capacity. I'm basically carrying around a mobile phone disguised as a digital camera. Hahaha. Now that's funny! =)

That's why these mobile captured images are a big surprise to me. Not only are they better in quality but it has all these extra functions that my digital camera never had. Maybe it's time for me to upgrade. Not only will it be useful with bigger advantages but it will capture far more delectable memories with it's higher quality images.

Very soon... but first

"Ma! Pa! Pengeng pepe!?" chos

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