Saturday, October 18, 2008

Down the split

Sorry I haven't posted much stuff lately. Been busy with my work papers and I've given it top priority over many things. So whats been happening in the world lately? Bad news as I've heard. One biggie is the financial crisis that has the US economy totally crippled. It's really sad news and most especially that thousands of workers will be laid-off by affected companies to survive the crisis. Shit has really hit the fan this time (along with my plans of working in the States).

On the glittery side but still sad sad news, Madonna and Guy Ritchie is calling it quits after almost eight years of marriage. This isn't really new to me because a few months earlier it has been reported that the two are splitting. All of which started because Madonna is rumored to be seeing another man, Yankee star Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod. Although Madonna & Guy Ritchie have denied the rumor at that time I think I have already acknowledged that it will eventually happen and it did. Divorce in Hollywood is basically cliche. Too bad for Madonna coz her future ex-husband is hot! I've always fancied that bloke and he totally reminds me of Dawson. :)

See my point?

Anyway, I wonder who gets more money during after the Ciccone Ritchie Divorce?


Friday, October 03, 2008


It is fact that, if not all, everyone has seen an adult video or shall we say porn. Porn has many faces, straight, gay and lesbian. And from these three genre comes more categories. I'm not going to elaborate on them since there's just too many, way too many. People are real pervs & I'm one of them Heehee.

Consider me guilty when I say I don't know shit about the actors in these films. The only thing I care about mostly are THOSE details, you know.. their facial expressions, the sounds they make, tool size and all that other stuff we like to see. I sometimes try guessing who's going to pitch and catch (except for the obvious ones) and I sometimes get it right :)

So in this post I'm breaking the rules (maybe just mine) and start getting more information about them. Reality is, behind the enchantment of pornography, they are real people with huge... paychecks.

Let me introduce Fashionista, Model and Award winning Gay Pornstar

François Sagat

François Sagat, a 29 y/o French-Arabic who as a teenager dreamed of making it big in the fashion industry. At the tender age of 18 he moved to Paris and became a fashion stylist for high-end fashion magazines. Styling for the press and choosing clothes for photography shoots were one of his main responsibilities. Unfortunately the stressful environment and financial woes forced him out of the industry.

He then found himself working in a sex shop, as a barteder, a stripper and also did some nude modelling. It wasn't until he was spotted by Citébeur in a gay chatroom (doing naughty stuff on cam - like someone I know :P) and offered him a job. He first started doing photography stills and three weeks later he starred as Azzedine for an appearance in the film Wesh Cousin 5 - Relax Man. Four DVDs were later released in 2005-2006 and it was a big hit in France.

He was soon recognized by Porn enthusiasts and has become a favorite. Not only because he had the body and talent? for porn but for his unique look and charisma as well. He is very well known for his tattoos, he has four total. A letter "f" in his left forearm which stands for his name François. The Greek letters ΣΑΓΑΤ (pronounced Sayat) on his right forearm which means Sagat. A sickle moon and star on his upper back that signifies his love for Arabic men and lastly, the most significant of all is his head tattoo which he is most known for. He had it done to have the illusion of a hairy scalp and rav'ed it up to have a more modern, hip-hop, look.

Today he is one of the biggest names in the Gay Porn industry. Earning numerous nominations from GayVN (the Oscar's of Gay porn) and awards like Best Newcomer, Best Sex Comedy (whats that?) and won Performer of the Year in 2007. He has recently signed exclusive contracts with Raging Stallions, Taurus & Titan and has been dividing his time between Paris and San Francisco juggling between shoots.

He owns a blog and going thru it, there wasn't anything to read but his pictures are fantastic and it alone will entertain you. Many of which looks like personal shots from his home or a Studio. Many shots have him all dressed up, in a theatrical way and some look professionally done. He seems fun and interesting behind the camera. There are nude shots but they are just a bonus. :)

Quoted from Francois Sagat:
"Est-ce que tu aimes les grosses bites?" (Do you like big cocks?)

Oui! Oui! :P

See more of him camwhoring in his Blog!
WARNING: not safe for work