Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today I've been looking for photo stills from the Bench Blackout Denim & Underwear Show that was launched last July 25th this year. From what everyone was talking about, the show was a complete success and was in fact the best one they've had. Bench is a popular clothing company in the Philippines and is generally found in any malls all over the country. It is owned by a Chinese businessman Ben Chan, hence the name Ben-ch.

Bench isn't really restricted to underwear lines, actually they a line for every clothing apparel. T-shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, shoes, socks, perfumes, hair products and even candy can be bought from their outlets. The company is so diverse & versatile that they even have a salon called Fix.

Their underwear shows began 3-4 years ago, most probably to build up the company brand to it's consumers. Of course the best choice would be to do an underwear show, like what most producers say, SEX sells, so why not? It is the Filipino version of The Victoria Secret Fashion show, with the exception that the Bench underwear show includes male models & local celebrities. Which brings me back to why I started this post.

Like any other gay guy I wanted to see some pictures of the show. Generally, I only wanted to see pictures of male models but I sometimes look at the women too , generally to make fun of them though. hehehe The Blackout show included guys that i find really good loooking & hot. Like Deither Ocampo, Luke Jickain, Jake Cuenca, Enchong Dee and JC de Vera.

John Avila, Sam Milby & Deither Ocampo's
Bench Blackout promotional ads

JC De vera's ad & shots during the show
photocredits: chuvaness (Left) & PEP (right)

Looking at the pictures from the show I think it's not bad at all, actually I'm really impressed. I personally liked Deither Ocampo's Blackout ad, he can carry that platinum do nicely. I most especially like him when he acted as a merman in the Telenovela 'Marina' he's one delicious fish! haha Browsing through some pictures posted by people who went to see the show, I noticed one particular picture. And it made me feel a wee bit flabbergasted.

Which hottie own this bum???

It's Jake Cuenca!

Maybe it's a really bad shot of him or the lighting is just off?
But whatever I still think he's gorgeous. hehehe


Monday, August 25, 2008

1st RP gold not counted

Today at Solar sports our Philippine representative for the Wushu tournament, Willy Wang, was awarded the gold medal. Winning over combined events of men’s nanquan and nangun putting Peng Weichua of Taiwan and Pui Fook Chien of Malaysia to taking the silver and bronze medal respectively. Three more Pinoy athletes won, Marian Mariano, Mary Jane Estima, and Benjie Rivera, all taking home bronze medals after they defeated their opening-phase opponents last Friday.

Willy Wang during the 2005 Southeast Asian games

This is good news but unfortunately Wushu is only a demonstration sport and not considered part of the 28 official Beijing games. Haggard! So our medal standing will remain at a triple zero. Too bad right? but who cares medal or no medal, we will still be proud. Go Philippines!

I can't wait to see the closing ceremonies tonight!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Men's Volleyball team: Italy

Been watching Men's Volleyball semi-finals match between Italy & Poland. Italy being world #3 and Poland world #6 it will be a long match. I never thought I'd see an old crush, Alberto Cisolla. :) So I watched the whole game, loved it. Italy won, Yay, & I got to indulge my eyes on gorgeous men too. haha I forgot where I first saw him but I know it was way back in 2004. I also drooled over his teammate, Matteo Martino, he is one gorgeous Italiano! I wonder what they would look like kissing? hihi Just kidding.

Here are some pictures.

Alberto Cisolla

Matteo Martino

Go Italia!!!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Ricky Martin is a daddy

Daddy Martin!

Ricky Martin the Latino sensation who has swept all gay boys & girls off their feet is now a father to twin boys. Reports say they were born a few weeks ago. Unlike Clay Aiken who used Artificial Insemination, the Latin star opted for gestational surrogacy. That means unlike the traditional way (via artificial insemination the surrogate uses her eggs and another man's sperm) a fertilized egg from another woman is transferred to his surrogate's uterus. Then that means that we may never know who the biological mother if Ricky's twins.

Reports also say that the twins are now in Ricky's care and will be taking a year off to give his sons the most needed attention they need. Isn't that sweet? I hope baby pictures comes out soon, i'm sure they are as adorable as their daddy.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Say What?

At around 2:30pm yesterday i went for a walk, as I did I passed by a local school there. There were not many kids because obviously they were still in class. Although there were some people near the waiting area, I suppose they are the sundo for the kids. The school is kinda huge, it's compound covers an entire block with streets sprouting out in every corner. As I approached the end proximity of the school and was about to cross the street, I looked left. I saw a bunch of students with their teacher painting the outside walls of the school. If I guessed correctly maybe they were HS Freshmen or maybe Sophomores.

The girls wore navy blue skirts with white blouses and the boys wore khaki colored pants in white polo. Their teacher, well, she looked like a teacher. Pencil cut skirt, a buttoned up white blouse and a blazer matching her grayish blue skirt. They were holding paint brushes and painting signs on the wall. I didn't clearly read what they were making at that time so I dumped interest and went on to walk. Last night I saw the sign again, it was finished so i read it. And then I read it again, and again. Until finally my thoughts said...

Say what?

"the sign was in Tagalog and was grammatically incorrect"

I felt like laughing but I saw the SK logo, Sanguniang Kabataan, why were these kids doing what the goverment should be doing? Oh well, maybe it was a school project or something for the school. Poor kids, spending time in the heat of the day making this sign and is just left with an annoying message. Kudos for the kids effort and a smack in the head for their dumbass teacher. On that note, I started to laugh.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good queen fun

If you watched Project Runway Season 4 then you must know Chris March. He is a very funny and amusing designer. On season 4 i actually thought he was the winner of Fan Favorite but the crown went to Christian Siriano. Chris is a self-taught costume designer and guess what? he's back on Season 5 as part of a task.

Season 5 contestants will be designing for Drag queens! Thats right, more fabulousness after the Isis news. This episode will definitely be fun to watch. I love drag queens, they're so fabulous. Am a Jackie Beat fan myself.

Episode 6; Good Queen Fun will air August 20th '08. I can't wait!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

meet Isis

She's the one in a green top imitating Tyra.


& here she is, Isis, Top Model finalist.

Is Tyra Banks changing the world? for the first time in Top Model history they have a boy finalist. Opps I meant transgender finalist. Isn't she fab? I love this new concept. Cycle 11 of ANTM will surely be more interesting. I'll watch out for this.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I havent watched chick flick movies in a long time but this movie sure hit the spot. I don't know if this movie even graced high boxoffice ratings, although I hope it did, but it sure was one hell of a chick flick film. I definitely will say that i liked it, overall it's a very nice movie. I enjoyed how the story was planned out and really laugh at many scenes.

I only have one comment though, the lead actor has a lot of frontal nudity. I think he had 5 or 6. I watched the unrated version but compared to other flicks that is a lot. Not that i'm complaining, i love nudy scenes, but maybe a teaser is enough, just like Dante's shower scene on SATC the movie, but too much of it and the scenes eventually becomes ghastly imo. LOL

What are your thoughts about this movie?