Wednesday, July 30, 2008

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Found this trailer of the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine. This is a leaked copy hence the awkward angle of the video but still very watchable. I loved the part when Gambit was introduced, you can hear how much the crowd roared. I love that his character has finally come to life on the big screen. He is played by Taylor Kitsch.

There are apparently 3 upcoming X-men movies according to Wikipedia. X-men Origins: Wolverine would be first, then X-men Origins: Magneto and the last entry is called X-men: First Class whereas the story has yet to be announced.

This is exciting! I'm excited!

YouTube rejected the video upload so you can watch it via Multiply.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elsewhere please

Amidst my what it seems like a never ending wait for an overseas job had ended. Relieved? yes. Was I happy with it? not entirely. The agency was very accomodating and very helpful with everything I was to understand with much needed requirements about working overseas. With all my powers, evil & good evil, I completed it, all that they needed then was an employer. That could be a problem, I told myself, even with an agency on my side employers are very scarce. I don't know if Filipinos aren't in anyone's lists of possible employees anymore, maybe unless i was a nurse, or if I had talents for hard labor.

People from the agency called and was happy to inform of a possible employer. If I'd agree to set-up for an interview then it might just land me the job. It was the best news I've heard this month. They told me it's an Afghan company and I'd be doing field work surveying locations and doing R&D. A zillion megawatt of shock paralyzed me after i almost swallowed my tongue & in a matter if milliseconds a series questions crossed my mind. They want to send me to Afghanistan? Osama bin Laden Afghanistan? I will be doing field work? What if I get killed ? I will be a part of their R&D team? Research and Development of what? Shrapnel proof shirts and Bomb proof pants? What is this agency thinking are they kiddin' me? Maybe they called the wrong person? Afghan Aghan Afghan maybe it's American?

"I'm sorry but what? Afghan? Middle East, post-war Afganistan? or is it an American Company named Afghan?" was all that blurted out of my mouth. The nice lady did give an immediate reponse after my almost shaky reply to her inquiry. "Yes Mr. Angeles, The Islamic Republic of Afganistan, in the Middle-East"
"Is Ms. Gonzales there?" . . .

Afghanistan? anuvah, I'm afraid! So Ms. Gonzales promised to call nextime instead, had my name taken off their Middle-East listings or any other country with killing-sprees and war that is. Had her put me on PRIORITY coz I made her feel my disappointment. Ha! And so it starts again... The promise of another call. Pati sa trabaho wait nalang ng wait. Maybe I should change my name to Wait? or Expect? or Anticipate? kakaAzar


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wifi Extenders

It's only been a couple of months when I first installed a wireless router in my brother's shop, which is only meters away from our house. The router I bought from Virra Mall was reasonably priced, half the price of well known brands like Prolink & D-link. Plus what I really liked about it was it's antenna was a wee bit bigger. It was exactly what i was looking for since I wanted the signal to be accessible at home.

And yes it did give me wireless connection at home but only in certain spots in the receiving area and the garage. Not bad at all but i what I really hoped was for it to reach my room. Definitely I would be more comfortable there of course but I've got no signal since it's in the far most corner of the house away from the router's scope. Too bad I thought, but I've found a way to boost that signal. Apparently this is old news but not to me.

I found how to sites to which they have step-by-step guides to boost your wireless router's signal. They called it Wireless Extenders and all you'll need are four simple things found at home; tin foil, glue, tape and cardboard paper. So i thought, okay might as well give this a shot.

First get the cardboard paper, cut it & make a 6x5 inch pattern. Do the same with the tin foil. Now grab your glue, pwede din cguro kanin haha, and glue the foil on one side of the cardboard. Now try to let that dry in a concave, parabola or half moon shape with the foil side facing inward. What I did was I taped two corners of the cardboard, to hold it's shape so when it dries it'll stay that way. Once it dries take another piece of tape, roll it to make it double sided and tape it to your routers antenna and then tape your cardboard on the opposite side. Making sure that the opening of your cardboard is facing where you want the signal to be directed to. That's all there is to it.

Here's what my little project looks like &
our baby is a 50-60% signal strength inside my den. Sweet!

The concept is to direct your wireless signal to a certain location. Since antennas scatters it's signal in a 360 degree direction what this will do is focus your signal onto a single point or location and that point is where you want to boost the signal. (e.g 50 meters away across the street pass the garage up to the 2nd floor crossing the receiving area, pass the dining room opposite the master bedroom and directly beside Jazz's room and finally into *breathes* my room)

There were other versions of homemade things like this one. One was with the use of a canister of Pringles with some kind of wires poking out of it , a soda can cut in half and other versions of the foil cardboard way to which I think is the easiest. Besides these homemade extenders there are devices on the market available too, it's called a Wifi repeater. It copies your wireless signal and boosts that signal so it can reach your devices. Pretty cool stuff but i like the free stuff better, and i'm sure everyone would too.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

v2.0 is out!

Finally the official 2nd version of the iPhone firmware is available for download/update via iTunes 7.7. The previous beta5 version of v2.0 stirred up the iPhone hacker community and now this official release from Apple is causing a major commotion. Of course they want to hack it first. Remember that kid who first hacked the original 1st generation iPhone to work on all networks, whom have sold his hackery and (correct me if im wrong) i think made 70k. So now of course this newest release is screaming another breakthrough from iPhone junkies.

The previous version 1.1.4 had been hacked a few weeks after it was released. They called it Jailbreak to which many of us refer to as unlocking. Windows compatible programs like iLiberty, Ziphone, IBrickr, Pwnage aka iPhone Dev Team had been successful enough to write programs that will jailbreak and unlock these 1st gen iPhones. So far no one has yet to released any final software to unlock 1st Gen & 2nd Gen (3g) iPhones on V2.0. Only a video from Pwnage has been circulating regarding the unlocked v2.0. To which IMO is no help at all since they've not released any software for any for testers. Soon maybe.

For those guys who wishes to upgrade from 1.1.4 to 2.0 i advise you to wait for final releases of such jailbreak apps. Although upgrading to v2.0 via itunes will be successful, your iphone will revert to default, hence bringing back an OTB status. In short hindi na siya aandar sa Globe, Smart etc... exclusive siya ulit sa AT&T (if yours is from the states).

If your happy with 1.1.4 then stick with it for the meantime. Give it 2 more weeks... maybe even less


Wednesday, July 09, 2008


OMG! I can't believe they made a movie based on Cornelia Funke's book "Inkheart". I remember reading her book 2 years ago and it was really good that I tried finding the sequel "Inkspell" but unfortunately no one has yet to translate it to English during that time. Cornelia Funke is German thus she writes in Deutsch. hahaha onga naman. Brendan Fraser stars as Silvertongue, Eliza Bennet as his daughter Meggie and Helen Mirren as the sungit book lady Elinor! weeee Im excited about this movie!

Click here for the Trailer

I hope they could also make a movie adaptation of Thomas Greanias's Raising Atlantis & Elizabeth Kostova's uber lovely book The Historian. Wish wish wish!

P.S. Has anyone got an English copy of Inkspell??? ;)


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Farm fresh

Last weekend as the whole of manila celebrated gay pride I was on my way to my loley's house in Pampanga. I actually made plans for pride but family comes first (actually wala naman ako choice). We left Bataan early Saturday morning so that my mom can help my aunts prepare and cook, while we wait for the Parade (Pagoda). My loley's house is built near a riverbank and we have full view of the Pagoda. In fairnes. A few of my cuz's wrapped a bunch of tinapay and suman in plastic to throw at the paraders. Sabi nila it's a custom that they really try to give them food so they have something to eat while on the parade. Why can't they bring their own diba? wala lang.

While waiting for the parade Jim, Dette & I decided to visit my lolo's farm. We needed something to do anyway.

Love my kuya's hat. hahaha

Didn't get much produce since it was the rainy season and they don't plant as much. But we did get mangoes, a whole lot of it. Napuno pa namin yung sako na yan. Ang sarap mamitas pero hindi masarap magbuhat...

Small talong at saging saba

It was fun picking 'em mangoes. One of my cuz went up the tree, shook a branch and mangoes fell to the ground. One shake dropped like 5 or 8 mangoes. It was cool, i was amazed, like a child in a candy store seeing an M&M dispenser for the first time. At that moment I somehow wanted my own mango tree. hahaha

After we got back the parade had already started. I was working against the light so these pics aren't too good. I'll post the rest on my Multiply page. It was raining a bit that time and the atmosphere was cool and breezy. Perfect for drinking and a bit of picnic'ing. Since we were in my loley's house we didn't ran out of food and booze to drink. ;) Fun!

Of course videoke machines are always present in gatherings. Lalo na sa Binscha!

I must admit that at the time i was disappointed and really ranting about how i won't be able to attend White Party. But at the end of the day i knew that it was as fun spending time at my Loley's too. I may have missed the shows, the divas and the dancing but there's always next year and my Loleys may not... if you get my drift. *knocks on wood*. To friends who wished I was with them last weekend thank you guys, mahal ko talaga kau, you still invited me kahit nasa bundok ako. hugs hugs!

belated Happy Pride