Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's D day

dyesebel cut, loves it =P

Tomorrow is D day for Dette and my brother Jim. All the suffering will soon be over. hahaha My mom was actually filled with joy and kept saying "Sa Wakas!" Considering my brother is the only straight one out of three I understand her bliss.


Friday, June 13, 2008

What to do with your videos

I've always been gaga with gadgets, computers, games and all kinds of techie stuff out there but one thing that i'm most fascinated about are pictures & videos. I have a Digital Camera and a DVD Camera that I bring with me anywhere I go. Since I love to write about all things that i find amazing and interesting I should be ready to capture the moment when it happens.

Two days ago my brother had their fitting, since he's going to get married this month. Of course I got it recorded on Cam to preserve the moment. I captured 20-45 minutes worth of videos and it was really nice, I felt like I was a director. hahaha. I will add that clip to the slideshow im making for their wedding. (my wedding gift) hihi

My brother's fiance asked me if she could have a copy. It was easy enough to burn a dvd copy but the problem was she wanted it saved on her mobile phone. Unfortunately, her mobile phone only reads MP4 and 3GP files. That was a problem since I never have tried putting large size videos on a 40MB sized memory on the mobile phone. But thats was until I found a really good 3GP Converter that easily convert videos to any file type that is virtually playable with any iPod, Mobile, PDAs, etc. or in any Computer for that matter. I also noticed that converted file is smaller in file size but the quality is equally as good as the original. Now thats impressive.

The program is called 3GP Converter 2008 and in all my years of video capturing this 3GP Video Converter is now my top choice. This is really exciting because not only my videos are not playable to any device i put them in but it saves me a huge amount of disk space as well. I haven't finished converting my videos yet but so far it's already free'd up 20GIG of space. Hahaha I love this piece of program.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In search of new friends

142 days, thats how long i've been home here in Bataan. It doesn't sound like a long time but when I do the month conversion... it's almost 6 months, so, thats half a year! That is a long time. Honestly, when I first got here the one thing I hated most was i didn't have any friends, especially gay friends.The only ones around were a few cousins and close friends of our family. I live here but how ironic that i've spent most of my life living away from home. As a kid I grew up here but my adolescence was really spent in Pampanga where I finished Elmentary up to my 2nd year in HS. Then my last HS years were spent here, After that i was off to Benilde for College. That was 1998, i was 16, and now 10 years after Im back with no idea where my former HS friends are. I heard that many got married, some went abroad and the others i don't really know. Im like a total stranger here, which sucks.

Unlike in Manila I had no problem asking anyone to hang-out and do stuff. Although living in the province is very light and stress-free, the only down side imo is the dead social-night life. There are bars to go to but I don't feel like i belong. I have a feeling that If I went I'd have to dig-up my closet and pretend I was straight. I never want to do that, ever. So im usually home or at the store, Occasionally we get visits from our cousins and we drink, it's fun but it's still not the same. I realized now that I terribly miss Malate, Makati and even Cubao for that matter. Anywhere but here rantings. And most of all I miss my friends, The CSB Peeps, Prov Peeps, VXI Peeps etc... Lonlinez.

Many guys I know has a g4m account, it's a great way to meet friends & horny men. Anyway, I thought i'd try searching for local guys here, maybe if i'm lucky I can meet guys who share the same interests as I and make good friends with them. Search results were good, I noticed I wasn't alone at all but the fugly part is 80% or more of these guys are the (PROFILE READ:) "I am Mabaet, Kind and Nice People" type, grammar lessons much? and 10% are the stereotype badings who cross-dress and works in a Salon. The rest is ok, these are the decent ones, the discreet type (and some closeted I might add). I've chatted with a few guys and whats shocking is these guys whom I find interesting are not from here. They live here but they didn't LIVED here, somewhat similar to my situation.

First guy, here on long-leave from working in Makati. 2nd, fresh from working in Cebu and lastly a former Teacher in HK. All of which are a couple of years my junior. sex & the city resemblance intended.... They are nice people with different persona's and hopefully we can all be good friends. I've only met with one guy, the HK balikbayan and he is really nice and likes the idea of forming a group. Hopefully next time we can invite more guys, including the other two. I find it funny that we got together not because we are desperate for friends but because we share the same situation at home. I am crossing my fingers and i hope it turns out good.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Queen Raquela

I've been browsing around articles and what'nots when I came across an article about a movie tittled "The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela". I read the critics review and apparently this movie is making a scene. It's about a Pinoy Tranny who left the Philippines to find a better life in Europe. After reading the tagline "A Cinderella Story" I'm pretty sure we all know she'll live happily ever after for ever and ever until the end of time chenez. But don't get me wrong, I find it very interesting and im very fond of films like this. It's dramatic and it is real, documentary'ish ba? That concept alone is IMO worth-seeing whatever the conclusion maybe. I wonder if it will be shown locally? I suggest you watch the trailer.

And they won Best Feature at the Berlin Festival.
Raquel Rios = International Star? Sosyalidad!

Trailer1 Trailer2


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Has anyone played FFVII: Crisis Core? I played this game earlier this year and I must admit I never thought i'd ever play Final Fantasy. Compared to earlier versions for PSX & PS2 this version is much more simplier, it's more RPG like and none of 'em small cartoon'ish characters during gameplay. My brother played every Final Fantasy games that is out on PS and he's been my Final Fantasy story teller. I have no idea what the story and who these characters were. Now I know and they're Fabulous! In fairness, i really love this game and im writing about it now coz I'm playing it again. More Zack moments for me. hihihi. He is the hottest CGI character I've seen so far. Even hotter than Kratos. =P

Got any reviews for FF VII: Crisis Core?