Friday, May 30, 2008

Food & Gas

It's been a pretty long week and I am busy as i have ever been. Been home now for almost half a year and it's only till now that things are turning around. Ever since I came here I have been looking for a temporary job to keep me busy, besides I'm desperate for productivity. I am actually surprised that there are many good companies here and they are good jobs that pay s well. My only frustration is that these companies are in Subic (45 min drive) & BEPZ (Bataan Export Processing Zone) which is in Mariveles, Bataan, a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house. It's like going from Manila to Batangas without the traffic.

With the current circumstances I just decided to just settle for companies nearest to our house. Paper Mills, Shipping & Brokerage Companies, Fast Food chains etc. Here in the province, things get easily processed if you have a "backer", someone in the company you know and can recommend you. Sad but true. So far, I have only applied with two companies, the De Guzman Group of Companies for Jollibee (a hop away) & Bataan Petrochem (Petron Refinery which is quite far, 45 mins away).

Had an MT exam with Jollibee about three weeks ago in Pampanga and I have to say they have tough questions, tougher than what call centers have. I really hated the synonyms part... they have words I can't even pronounce. Last week Jollibee gave me a call and wanted to set a panel interview that was set May 24th, in Jollibee Edsa Cinema. It was far for me but I still went.

Everything was good during the interview until they told me that I might be assigned there. What?! No wonder they asked me to go all the way to EDSA. I told them I would prefer to be in Bataan and I was very clear with that during my initial interview & application form. One store manager was surprised, re-read my application & apologized. She told me that there could have been a mix-up of names and she'll resubmit mine for re-assignment. WTF?! I was there for nothing, complete waste of money & time. Well not entirely coz I did watched Iron man at Megamall, nice movie btw. Jollibee Balanga called a few days after and im set for another interview soon. But I already kinda lost faith with the company, but I still might give it a shot when they call.

On the other hand, Petron called 2 days ago and wanted a screening yesterday. Whew after a CV submission last Feb they finally called me up. Its fact that job openings for Petron's Refinery is RARE, the company is so good to it's employees that they never want to leave. They have been known to offer early retirements for employees with more than 30 years of employment. Tenured much?! I was lucky enough to be called in, and during my interview they told me it's for immediate hiring. Weee. And whats better is I don't have to take the exam in Petron Building Makati, so I took it right then and there. It's was fairly easy except for the math part... "I just can't do cube roots & square roots on paper" dang I really had a scratched my head moment. Kamote talaga but overall I am confident i'll land the job.

On our way home my dad told me if I get hired, i'd better re-fresh my driving lessons... HINT!

Bwuahaha take that Jaz, you may have the iPhone but Im gonna have the ride.

Guam plans are on hold, an 80k placement fee isn't good right now since my family is spending a lot on the wedding... and my ride. hihihi

EVIL EVIL laugh!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dog allergies

I just got home from the store & I was greeted by Shoei, one of the dachshund puppies we have. To my surprise she was bloated, her feet are swollen and her cheeks are huge. She is sooo cute Hahaha. I wonder what she ate, maybe an insect or something. They say she got that from her Mom, Decaf. My brothers fiance, Badette, said we just have to let her be and the swelling will go down on its own. Thank God coz I don't know where to find her Vet specially on a Sunday. gush

I've never seen a swollen dog, reminded me of Will Smith in Hitch when he got swollen after eating shrimp or some kind of fish. Here's a picture of her...

Isn't she cute? hahaha My brother said she looks like a different dog now. A bulldog maybe? LOL That cracked me up bigtime!


Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today was a good day for me. I spent the whole day taking charge of the store and a day in the store is always fun. We open at 8:00am til 7:00pm Monday - Saturday but during Sunday we close a wee bit early, 5:00pm. Most stores are closed during Sunday but not ours, we can't let any opportunity past. hihihi

We had quite a sale today, everyone got really tired but at the end of the day we have a total sale of Php 14,000. It isn't as much but close to what we usually get on a daily basis. Our employees really work hard to reach their 'daily quota' because once they do they receive a percentage of that amount. A little strategy we have applied to keep them on their toes and rid away slacking-off during work hours. and it does pay off since they will really work hard for it.

After seeing how tired everyone was I decided to treat them out tomorrow at KFC. Just to show them how proud i am. A little something in return for all their hard work. Tomorrow I will take charge of the store again and I hope we have another good day.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Opportunity awaits with PayPerPost

A few days ago I was a mere blogger who simply gathers his daily thoughts and posts it online to share with the world, until today. I have been introduced to PayPerPost (PPP) by my cousin Anna who just arrive from Saudi Arabia. PPP offers us bloggers the opportunity to do what we all love and get rewarded for it. It may sound too good to be true but it is.

What I really love about their concept is you can write about anything. Virtually every subject there is that we are so interested in. They cover topics like fashion, travel destinations, technology, home improvement and more. I personally am passionate and quite obsessed with the latest advancement in technology, most especially with the latest gizmo's and gadgets we have today. Writing about it had always been fun, so not only will I have the chance to blog about what i find most interesting but I will also earn from it. Thus doing the things I love will be more lovable. PPP has a really good blog ethics.

Of course the big question is what will i do with my earnings? I only have one thing in mind... Save it and then Invest it. All of it for my future. It's always good to be sure where i will be 10 or 20 years from now right? hehe. If only I had known about PayPerPost before I started my Blog but it always never too late eh? =) I'm not going to beat around the bush but PPP offers a pretty awesome reward especially for us who loves to blog. It's one way of saying that PPP helps us become more dedicated to the things we are passionate about. And by helping us, we help also them and I think that is really something.

Kudos to PayPerPost.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying Something New

Compared to a lot of blog'aholics out there my blogs are fairly new, babies in fact. I may have had started June of 2006 but in fairness i really have fallen in love with blogging. Writing about my life, day to day experiences is actually fun. I remember when i was first introduced to blogging, i thought "who'd want to post personal stuff online? for everyone to read!" I really was not in to that idea at that time. So that week i decide to give it a try, of course trying never hurts. From then on i was hooked, my first year i think i blogged about everything and mostly on a daily basis. I wrote about every little stuff thats been going around. Music, movies, the latest gadgets and i even learn how to use HTML and CSS coding. hahaha That's how hooked i was. Today, after 3 years, I still hooked but have learned that not everything needs to be blogged since many readers can tend to pull away if my posts are not interesting enough for them.

Now im trying something new. I blog and then get paid? isn't that something? of course i would only blog about topics that i am interested in or else i'd be writing non-sense. I hope this goes well, how fun is it to do what you like and get paid for it right? it's going to be a blast!

Cheers! =)



sooo cute!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Out of Reach

How ironic that everyday i sit infront of a computer equipped with highspeed internet & yet im still out of touch. Im blaming web restrictions..

So what have i been up to these past few weeks?

Ive been training or if i may say im overloading info. Im scared that i might learn too much i might push out memories to make space. Haha Dementia party?!

A few weeks ago my Casio digicam broke. Its lenses wont budge thus a 'lens error' message appears.. I think it gave up, too much camwhoring. I wanna have it fixed, does anyone know a Casio service center? besides Compex because apparently they now stopped servicing Casio products. =(


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Have you ever been stuck between two complicated personalities?

No? Yes? Not yet?

My housemates who recently broke-up is driving me totally nuts. Though they are now "friends" there's still that akwardness lingering around at home. And guess who's stuck in between?
Clue: Patrick Star's bestfriend

So they now started "dating" other people/s/s/s... And the negative atmosphere in this house is escalating day by day. One of them now prefers to sleep downstairs while the other stays with me. They sometimes talk in the morning, well basically small talk but when one leaves for work. The "sinigang war" starts.

They are my friends and as much as possible i try to be fair & unbiased. Since this war is on its 3rd week (i think). How much more can i take this? Im patient & apparently too nice but im not freaking spongebob sweethearts. Stop it please i've had ENOUGH!

*pigain mo ako & you'll have sinigang sa miso*

I want to move-out, rid myself from all this. It's the fastest way out, my ticket out of this stupid war. But what does that make me? We all work in the same company, let alone in the same account. Leaving them like this is harsh. Without Spongebob around this war will eventually become anatomic... Kaboom! Goodbye! Teggyakiudon! I'm stuck and i want out.

--->> On a lighter note; The Columns, their swimming pool looks lovely =)

The Columns Pool.jpg


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today the wind blew differently...

Something is wrong... Im getting stressed. I feel im being sucked back to reality. It's that feeling you get when you ask yourself "Where will I be in 10 years?" and you have totally no idea how to answer it. Even if you do you'd be all anxious about it. I'm totally wacked by this and now im blogging it ?@*+ Theraphy much?


Monday, May 12, 2008


Its was a tiring day, been running around makati to do stuff, almost nosebled to death** & did some work related issues.

By 10pm last night i was already asleep, now i just woke up and now im fully awake + as a bonus i woke up with the sniffles :-I

*sniff* *sniff*


Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Laura Hollins aka Agyness Deyns collaborated with Five 'O clock Heroes for their new single 'Who'. This transition of hers is it new? i've never heard of any Supermodel becoming a singer ever... In Fairness she sounds nice, good in fact. Oh well, listen for yourself and let me know what you think.

Yay? or Nay?


Monday, May 05, 2008


It's been a long day... training was more fun today. Although sometimes I feel I don't wanna we affiliated with a certain someone there. Sometimes lang. I won't mention any names but i'd say he loves the word "for example"... *hint*

Gosh... friend... stop it already!!!

Be more discreet and stop clowning all the time. It was funny at first but dear eventually NO ONE will take you seriously. You are making a fool of yourself. Wala akong friend na palengkera!!!!! period period period!

Anyways.... Lets be more fun para hindi nalang ako puro sinigang! =P

Last Saturday was Bed night for Moi, BryRox, Nico & Ryan. As always we had a party! =)

JAYSON! Stomach in not out! hahaha

Nico & Rox @ HapChang

Last Sunday Dayle, Chuck & Moi went Ukay shopping in Bambang! (of course i took a dose of Sinutab before i left the house and brought with me some alcohol...just to be sure) There were sooo many fabulous clothes, It was sunday and that means BAGSAKAN ng new stocks =) Got myself some nice shirts, pants and a fabulous bag for my mom. Ferragamo! Yes its original... we made sure it is coz it was hell pricey!


Yesterday while I was reprinting pictures over at Waltermart, a guy came in to print pics from his Mobile phone... It was a really cute phone... Parang Lighter lang na mataba! I likely likey

Samsung X830 CUTE

Finally I just finished downloading Mutya Buena's Real Girl album =) Gotta go listen to her now.... =)