Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Connecting back to the world

It's been a while since I last blogged from home. Living far from what I'm used to is somewhat challenging especially that I am a cyber geek. I missed my computer, my mp3's, the movies i downloaded and haven't yet watched, Sex and the City, Grey's Anatomy, Naruto, Alice Academy and Heroes (E19 was out last Monday). Im sooo not updated anymore.

Since moving out is quite expensive and of course i lost all dorm priviledges I had to save and produce more money... My 10 peso coin piggybank was my final option... arghh! I almost cried opening it up and seeing my glittering babies made kurot kurot my heartalu. It took me a year to fill that marlboro piggybank and now its gone gone gone... but now im rich rich rich! Echos!

After a very tiring week I welcomed this weekend with open arms. Finally a time to rest, lay down and put my feet up. Friday night after shift we decided to do Club Government. Coming off shift mid-afternoon without sleep and go out party that night sure hell wasn't very appetizing. We all had fun just except when I passed out on the way home! hahaha Maybe i was too tired and drunk that my brain shut itself off and forced my body to dead weight mode. =) The perks of which is that Chuck n Dayle took care of me... they dragged me home. They even changed my clothes when i was out... they didn't know i wasn't wearing any underwear that night! Ö

Peekaboo..... Waaaaa!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Need Sleep

I'm now on my 3rd week staying with Chuck n Dayle. Finding employment
was hard but ive been lucky so far. Im also hoping that my two new
housemates finds whats best for them too and soon.

It's been an exhausting hunt but pleasant enough that i didnt have to
do it alone. Tho i was lucky to find one 1st, its my duty to support
them whenever i can or when i get off training. For now its the most i
can do to help them out & show them my gratitude for taking me in.
They say im a blessing but really its me who is blessed. *waves then

(its been an exhausting day, dont mind my beauty queen'ish way of writing)

A few days back i decided im moving out of the dorm. Now its finally
going to happen. Chuck n Dayle's home is nearest, just a 5min jeepney
ride and im there. Its the best option so far because clients took
away the liberty of tardiness during training. Mainly why my body
clock has been a complete mess. Getting up at 4am is very challenging
especially for the likes of me who's nocturnal by nature. Ive been
sleeping for 3 hours at most since Thursday and i have 35 more to go.

I still miss air-conditioning & high speed DSL


Thursday, April 24, 2008

First day of training

Today started my training after almost two years out of the corporate world. I missed working in an environment where there are lots of people to see and to be part of a professional environment is fabulous. I may start from the bottom ladder again but nonetheless I am very happy to start climbing.

Last night I set my alarm clock to 4am, woke up at 5am. =) It was fine since Chuck n Dayle's loft was near, I had a little extra time preparing. I didn't have time to cook any breakfast tho. Training schedule was 6am - 2pm and i was there exactly 5mins before 6:00am. Hahaha i was just in time.

yesterday: Yummy Lunch

Our Trainer is Nina Fuentes. A slim, dark skinned / nicely tanned lady. I wasn't impressed at first but when she opened her mouth... wow. Yes she can really talk (english and spanish) and quite a comedian too which I admire among trainers. Not to step on anyone's toes but the serious ones tends to be booorriinnggg... It was a relief because not only can she make us laugh but she interacts with us. And I looove how she pronounces the word "and". A lot of us just "ummm's" when we pause, she is a bit different, she's an "eeeeeend" (and) person. hahaha nakakaloka. i love her. Bakekang levels. =)

Including moi there are 20 trainees. None of which are cute though. Shet. The moment i got in the training room I started chit-chatting with the some poeple. There was this guy who asked me "Pare walang maganda noh?" *tambling* i said i don't know but i can say wala ding gwapo. hahaha He then realized that I was gay. =P hahaha Well our first day was spent discussing the history of the company and etc etc etc. Don't you think that the most boring part of training is always the first day? i do


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Its only been half a day and ive almost completed the requirements for my new job. So far the only problem ive encountered is with BIR. Apparently they didn't have my name registered. So that is a bit odd right? Where did the tax money i paid when i was with ICT went? I asked a few friends what i can do and they all answered the same "ask ICT". So I will later. Hopefully there will be a reimbursement... moolah!!! *drools* Anyways, i texted my mom to apply my TIN for me... hehehe nakakatamad na pumila.

Im here at Robinsons Summit, waiting for Chuck n Dayle to finish their exam and interview over at the 18th floor, Ascend Asia. Actually, this is the first time im enjoying the benefits of my gym membership. Enjoying not only the facilities but enjoying the people. hahaha ang gwapo ng kaharap kong PC user. YumBurger I wanna have a second lunch! hahaha Chos lang... A lot of familiar faces actually... medyo malansa din kahit dito... palengke!

Accdg to Jack from Will and Grace "Gym is gay heaven" true truelalu lalu

By tom it'll be a week since i started job hunting... honestly my feet are sooo tired. Been walking the streets of Makati everyday. Ayala to Waltermart levels... Is Makati the new New York?

EDIT ----- after a long tiring walk ------

I missed RCBC. Its still one of my fave building here in Makati. Wala lang. Im so bored they made me wait again for someone who might answer my inquiries. Ten years!

So, who does a 3 hour lunch break? Answer: HR People.

Narcissistic... Almost everyone here is looking at me. Maybe they havent seen a pure breed goddess before? hahaha Nah i think its because im wearing my Vneck Armani shirt (Thanks to Ukay). I love this shirt i swear.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's been a long day. Woke up today with alerginitis aka the sniffles. And it's been continously bothering me the whole day, even during the re-assessment. People looked at me like im a walking plague or something. I even overheard some girl saying "If everyone here starts getting sick, blame him" finger pointing at me... I looked at her and smiled. *back of my mind* If I do spread a virus around id make sure the sasquatch gets it first. hahaha

Contract signing was today. Unfortunately my request for a re-assessment of my pay was not honored. They say its not negotiable period. Oh well. its better than nothing and at least I have my doors open now. Let the good things come in soon.

Cram'ness ahead... Work starts this wednesday and ive got loads of stuff to do from Medical Exams to renewal of my NBI clearance. Gosh i don't even know what my TIN number is. ICT never gave anything to me when i was working there. I have two days to process everything... the only thing im happy about is that we'll be trained in AIM, 5mins away from where im staying at isang kembot lang away from Greenbelt.

Im planning moving out of tamarind soon. it will be tough but this time it'll happen for sure. I'll start by not gong home for a few days or a week. Wait until the dorm gets used to me not being around. When that time comes id be totally out.... Hello Makati.

Lets talk about the weather. Was there any news why the heat is sooo intense these past few days? i havn't watched TV since i started job hunting. and i was wondering if this season is one of the hottest it has ever been? God I miss air-conditioning and high speed internet.

Id be heading back to Sampaloc when the streets tames down a bit. Get me some fresh clothing and some rest before I start the doing the hellish task of meeting my requirements tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ive never seen the layout of my blog on other computers... until now. Placement of boxes and especially the menu bar is fucked up. is it just this computer or is it fucked up in your screens aswell? please lemme know. thanks =)

...CSS layout is coded to use on 1024x768 or higher resolutions...


Monday, April 14, 2008


When I was in galera last week with my friends i realized a lot of things. I knew that time that ive been missing out on a lot of stuff. Things like long conversations with friends (as in yung kaharap, hindi sa phone lang), talking about life, CAREER, future, love, sex and everything I dont get to do these past years. So last wednesday I decided to find work. Yesterday once more over and over agan, sa call center nanaman ako bumagsak. Chuck n Dayle and myself went out to find ourselves real jobs, well in their case a higher paying job. And with much effort, hours of waiting, tons of nosebleeds later... I finally got hired today... weeeee! and its a day fucking job finally. Contract signing was moved to monday coz i wanted to negotiate my given rate gimme an big even number please... they didnt wanna consider my past ICT Group experience since its was almost 2 years ago. Kaloka! More updates coming soon and a looot of wacky pics. =P


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Heat Stroke

We partied hard last Saturday that I really got fucked up. So fucked up that I even fucked up more on Sunday!

We had coffee at CBTL yesterday, we stayed there for 5 hours, all 7 of us, Iza, Chuck n Dayle, Pao n Jm + lovely bullet, Kiko and I. It was draining, adding the heat wave and my weird reaction to caffeine... heat stroke! I almost channeled Darth Vader. even saw Perry who was obviously trying to avoid seeing me. I wonder why... not

By midnight everyone finally decided to eat something. Mcdo. Then we walked from Greenbelt to Buendia, near walter mart since many of the guys lives near. But that walk from greenbelt made me decide to just go home. i was dead tired of everything we did over the weekend. Im just glad we didnt spend that much money. Thanks to Ash who gave had us in his guest list and Cossack vodka. I got a taxi in-front of Walter Mart and sped away to espana.

When i got home, Jana surprised me by leaving a copy of Sex and the city =) Love you dear! Ive been wanting to watch this for sooo long. That night Jazz marathon'd watching L Word... ulk! I just slept, woke up after 17 hours... now i'm awake as hell but too tired/lazy to go to the gym though. Maybe ill dance later. I hate a jelly belly after an intoxicating weekend.