Friday, September 21, 2007


it's been a pretty good week. I started Monday with a new, fresh attitude and forced myself to smile going to work. i have my reasons. I realized i didn't have to feel so bad because things weren't happening as fast as I expected. It takes me a second to buy something but getting something non-material is something else that tested my patience. Now i know & I'm wiser to know not all things can be rushed. It took me a while to get it though i know I'm really good at it.

Today I'm treating myself a one day break from work. I finally certified last Wednesday after a 3 week long extension of my deliberation status. I think i deserve that for now. Although things are looking good for me it's the other way around for my good friend Jm. A coach who was too lazy to work last Friday wasn't very supportive to Jm who was at that time bleeding pressure and frustration. We've come too long to be brought down like that. I don't blame anyone though... it was a Friday everybody wanted to go home and we were on a deadline. I feel for you friend but i really am sad that you left the company. I will miss seeing you at the office.

Looking forward to a better schedule assigned to me nextweek. I'll know tonight. and all that rumor at work this week... im sooo wishing it's all true so im crossing my fingers, toes and whatevers. Those rumors are good news for everyone at Blue Chip.


Too Much

Completing my pretty good week won't be complete without partying on a weekend. Though I didn't think my body can still tolerate that much alcohol again. I started my Friday raw... that night I went to visit Leila over at Makati Prime, who was at that time drinking with her friends. I even brought some more drinks to go with the dwindling supply of GSM blue they already had with them. After a few drinks almost everyone was pretty noisy and wasted except moi coz i just came in. That night I decided to go to Gov and meet up with Perry. A couple of beers later the alcohol hit me like a solid brick in the head. I was on the brink of having a blackout, actually I did, last I remember we were dancing downstairs then blank, smoking area, blank, restroom, blank, saw a friend who I actually forgot who, blank, then I was home... with take out food good for two people. I wasn't even hungry that night. Ugh It's all a big blur. Perry! friend sorry I disappeared, I don't know where i went! You should've used that chain i suppose... Hugs

Saturday night was fun at Bed, It was Brian's Birthday! I was really careful not to drink too much coz of what I just told you. I don't want that happening again baka saang ilog na ako lumutang... I came in a bit late, it was already past 2am and rain was kinda pouring. I missed the drag show, too bad coz Rocky told me it was pretty good. Overall I had a great time, specially with us criticizing some of the dancers on stage... Whahahaha that was the best part that night. I even bumped into a really old friend. Rjae from the original Year 2000 batch of borders in Taft. He's still as fabulous as ever... coat kung coat! Its so him and I love it!

Spend the rest of the weekend here in Espana with my sis. Whom i spent each second catching up to my former TV series addiction. Btw, good news, later premiers Heroes Season 2 and on Sept 27 comes Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy. I can't wait to download it. I'm still stuck with Ugly Betty and PLDT's DL speed is fucked up again .

Well there you have it, this could probably be my last weekend out. My schedule has changed for the better but my rest days sucks. No more weekend partying for a while unless some people at work gets a stroke or something... kiddin