Sunday, July 08, 2007


My parents came at noon and without hesitation they rushed me out of bed. In less than 10mins we were on our way to Matilda with my hair flat from bedrest, teeth unbrushed and my stomach churning hunger. I guess they were more excited than I was. hahaha Mom, Dad, Jazz and Cecille our new hired help from Espana all came to help me.

When they first got in my mom's first question was "nasaan yung mag-asawa?" then my sister saw Mist and Smoke "Ay ang cute". My dad was "Saan ang kwarto mo?". We prepared to lunch first then we went ahead to fixing my room. First my mom wanted to repaint but then with the limited time they've got "since they're going home to Bataan after" she decided not to. She said the walls are clean enough and it's ok not to repaint. Which is fine for me coz the house would've smelled awful and im in no mood for toxic fumes! What is high? hahaha


Anyways, they brought many of my stuff and even bought me an inflatable bed though i still prefer the old style mattress but it'll do =) plus a lot of groceries... weeeeee! =) Im praying for an Air-conditioner next time. Unfortunately my mom still brought that linoleum and i had to take it coz I don't want a bare cement floor. One floor rug had balls as print and the other a flowery chorva. Confusing! Then came the pillow cases! OMG tambling ako... the pillow cases had an "I love NBA" print. I asked why? she replied "yan lang kasi ang may blue and red" hay nakakaloka! My sister was just laughing her heart out ... Bruhang yun! hahaha Ang saya ng pamilya ko evur! thats why i love love love them so much. =)

I Love NBA?!

I thought id post this tom but since we finished early im posting it today. Hopefully I can make it fabulous soon =)

btw, My dad bought jazz a month and a half old Persian chenelin... anyway, meet MAYO! =)