Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sleepy Head

Ive been sooo lazy lately, was at Matilda the entire weekend and most of my time home was spent sleeping. My body is catching up to many tiring days. Good news is that i'm finally adjusting to my new schedule of 12mn-9am. ulk!

I've been missing gym too, last week i only went in once. Hopefully with these adjustments working their way i'd be able to work-out more, this week and the weeks coming after that. I want my money's worth since that gym membership isn't very cheap.

It's pride week already! Geez how time flies, I still don't know what to wear for the occasion. Something fabulous but not so flashy... hmmn... what about a pink barong? hahaha I was thinking an all white ensemble but im not sure if it's a good idea... unless i wear a "don't stand too close, i don't want your shit on my whites" sign. Ö. hahaha


Saturday, June 02, 2007


Last week Dayle had an idea...


We made an "effort" to make it

It's homemade & we love it
except for the stench of paint. WHAT IS HIGH? haha

Dayle feeling zen'ish with the new chairs =)