Monday, May 21, 2007

Gone gone and Away

Yes i have finally moved out.

Yes I am happy to be free

Tho Im happy i wont be eating pansit canton soon **

Now that i have moved out, one thing that is questioning me is preference... living preference!

before i can just live anywhere just to get out.

but now i am.... choosy!!!

its a whole new story... in the long run. basta maarte ako when it comes to my stuff.

you may not understand me but for thos who does.... zip it! =)


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tired Feet

Tomorrow marks our Final Assessment for CCT. Im scared to death. Not only do i just learned that my current 'grades' barely passed and the results of tomorrows mock call is crucial for PST, now i have to study the website? I crack under pressure and i am feeling the heat as of now. Nina will probably hear a lotta 'ums and 'eeends from me... cover your ears coz it'll rain filler words! hahaha The topic in scope is the Clients Mobile and Landphone accounts, it wasn't part of our previous discussions for CCT actually. All topics to be learned and questions to be asked tomorrow will be taken from the website... and dami kong babasahin! Whatever happens tomorrow i know i will pass, or else...

Today i walked from GB3 to RCBC to meet some of my friends. After a few hours waiting for everyone to finish we decided to go home... of course that meant a quick stop at some mall. From RCBC to Makati Cinema Square... this is the hottest mall on earth i swear! My feet are as so swollen, im like a pregnant lady. ulk

Next week we will be moved to Insular for PST (when I pass CCT).

New shift is 5pm - 2am. =(