Sunday, June 11, 2006

My first entry

- = E N T E R _ R E J O I C E = -

Welcome to my Blog a.k.a. my Twisted Mind...

For starters im not really much of a writer but these days who is? many will surely agree with me. Since anyone can write whatever they want to write, you know that "Freedom of Expression" thingy, i can write whatever and thats good. Additionally, writing can somehow be and is actually proven to be therapeutical. Thats why i'm hoping it will work for me too. Anyway, before i decided to start this Blog i've already been writing some stuff that goes on with my life. All of which are poetry though but it still tells a lot about me. I will post them soon for your reading pleasure. Starting today this will be my new Journal. Hopefully you will like what i write my dear readers *if you will ever exist* as I slowly narrate the story of my twisted life.