Saturday, December 23, 2006

Moblog testing

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this takes so much time!


"Don't be contented by success,
ask for more & nothing less.
Think your destined for great things,
be optimistic, spread your wings"


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Late night hassle

I just learned a few minutes ago that my parents are coming over.

That was fine but they are sleeping over as well. ugh!

Of all the time in the world why now? I hate it when they surprise me with stuff like these

Now im gonna have to sleep in another room with no TV or even a Computer to keep me busy.

I wish I had a sleeping pill right now and be off to bed

I hate surprises! SAQS!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

On my way...

I am on my way...

I did it before and I will do it again.

I have my own life to care about...

I will be free


Friday, December 01, 2006


Reading his blog makes me think who he is talking about. Of course i usually think of me first but then again why would he?

... do you? or do you not?

There's no point of him blogging about me tho i wish he was so i can answer him directly or maybe just ask what the hell he meant...

... do you? or do you not?

Life isn't about me and I know that.

... do you? or do you not?

Stop your ramblings and metaphors and say what you want...

... do you? or do you not?

You're giving me a hard time deciphering your thoughts...

... do you? or do you not?

do you? do you not?


Thursday, November 09, 2006

honk! honk!

Why are you hiding under your dads skirt?

are you no good? afraid? or just playing catch the bitch?

and just before i got you all out of my system, here you are again!

you Bitch!

I take that back... you're a fucking Loser! a virgin whore... and a Bitch!

Beware everyone: He may look nice, classy, delicious & all...

but just like any ass... it's all crap inside!





Friday, October 06, 2006


I've been having irregular sleeping habits lately... it's sooo fucking hard to keep up with life with me like this. I need more drugs...


Friday, September 15, 2006


It's been alomost a week since I got that yes from my parents. Up until now i havn't got any good results from my hunt... job & house hunt that is. I can't really believe i am really looking for those things that would probably be my permanent home. Or a least until I get a better job. :)

So far, i've submitted at least 10 applications for different companies, none of which are call centers... but if all fails I might really consider going back. hay...

I hope Honda calls ASAP, not only do I want the job but that job suites me fairly well because majority of what they do is what I really like. Troubleshooting, re-installing, programming, tweaking... etc.... Though I havn't got any feedbacks how much salary they offer an employee. (i wish they offer more than 20k) hahaha wishing....

Now on the house hunt... I can't really find a new place unless I find a job first. I can't pay for anything right now even if I get a new job. If ever I get a job i want it to be the job i really ill stay longer and work harder eh? hahaha im such a kid I can't believe I'm moving out now... when im already 24... opps make that 25 this december!

I need all the luck in the world!


Thursday, August 31, 2006

A new day...

August is almost over and i've barely made it thru with my whatevers regarding the dorm but everythings seem to be alright. I am optimistic that everything will be back to normal once september starts 2 days from now.

the 'ber months are here & 4 months to go til I become 25 *sighs*


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mental screw...

I am completely flabbergasted with what is happening this week. I know it's just me but I really have no idea why i am feeling this way. I feel I am invisible to everyone. I havn't heard anything from anyone...

To make matters worse the pressure is back. Pressure in dealing with the Dorms transactions and whatevers... Later today one of my cheques will be deposited by my leasee and that leaves me only with half the money I need to pay for the rest of our monthly bills. I have 72 hours to generate 45K or we will live in darkness and eat grasshoppers again "methaporically speaking". I wish my dad can help me but he has problems of his own. My only "karamay" now is my younger sister, she helps me not financially but mentally. Thank heavens for my sis or i'd feel super alone in dealing with these problems.


Friday, August 25, 2006

One of those moments

How long have I been single?

hmmnn... *counting* more than two years.


I havn't been lucky enough i guess.

When was the last time you had sex? with whom?

not too long ago... someone I care for a lot

Why not have a relationship with that person?

It's complicated, It's better to stay where I am. Honestly I'm afraid of what things could lead to if I even try that suggestion.

You seem detained & repressed with your true feelings, why?

Again it's complicated

Alright, So what are your plans then? any new stuff in mind?

Nothing, I am happy where i am. I just have these kind of moments from time to time. But I guess sooner or later i'd have to give it a go. I need someone to really call my own without feeling anxious of the future outcome.

What are you anxious about? Does this involve your last partner in bed?

You can say that, yes he is and another guy aswell. I really don't wanna explore on that topic. If you would please? *forces a grin*

I'm sorry about that. When do you think you'll be finally venture out on a hunt for a lover? Quite frankly you seen ready for it.

I have no idea, I try not to look for it because it never works out when i do. I am hopeful that I will just bump on him soon. I'd appreciate it if will be nextweek, next month or maybe even tomorrow. Hahaha

*laughs* I agree with you on that matter. Well then thats it, I wish you all the luck. Despite the complete honestly with your answers, I admire that you can still maintain a level of mystification.

*laughs* Im glad you think so.

So.... are you going anywhere after this?

No, i'm not really in a hurry. Why?

Ohh nothing *winks*



Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm so bad i want to grow horns & a tail

It's a friday night. What does a single, alone on a weekend gay boy do?

yeah! surf the net...

yes, i looked for a hook-up...

yes, i gave him my number and agreed to meet...

no, we did not have sex...

i felt too guilty and ditched the poor Bitch

Hope he's used to it

It's not good to see fresh meat go to waste.

Why did I do it?

I was horny

And I still am...

Damn fairies

Wish I was born straight

Upyours... anyone?


Friday, August 04, 2006

I have a huge craving!

I so want some of these babies... the last time i tasted them was 2 years ago
and I panic'd so i bought 3!

Cherries are my fave fruit (not the preserved ones)
Too bad we don't grow em here.


Anyone out there who has access to these devilish spawns?


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Purah ka Ton!

I saw a friend while i went for booze
he offered his place to hang out
we talked
updated our times apart
we laughed
like were on Wari

Then you tried to kiss me
your like a brother to me
Im not even that drunk
and your not even drinking!

Your a rip
to what this world calls
I don't ever wanna see you again

Go home
sleep it off
hope you realize
what a fuck you are tonight



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something I hope nobody reads...

NOTE: Copied from 10@2's entry... not my original post

Let me introduce myself...
...still an hour and a half to go before i leave the office and im trying to find stuff to do to kill time. i know i still have some work to do but my brain is just so fucking tired thinking about new ideas on how to make things more interesting. that is what i do btw, i make things interesting. some for the good, some for the bad.

i decided to write about things that most people dont know about me. its like opening my own can of worms. i hope i dont scare myself with......myself.
1. im damn lazy to take a shower. i just hate it. people find it surprising evrytime i tell them coz i look "clean". *evil grin*
2. i looove white shoes. they look great on anything!!!!
3. im a GREAT liar. but i dont lie that much so thati wont feel guilty evrytime i do.
4. im TORPE. i give out obvious hints but i dont make the first move.
5. im a sucker for feminine men and masculine women. they just make the world more interesting.
6. i have a very short attention span. this entry is starting to bore me. *grins*
7. i swing both ways but i just find men very appalling most of the time. they are just this group of creatures who are controlled by a small protruding meat in between their legs. but some of them look so hot that i dont mind sometimes. (fuck!!! there you go)
8. i love foreplay more than the actual deed. need i say more?
9. i daydream of having my huge billboard along EDSA wearing nothing but skimp yundies. wag na mag-react. nakikibasa ka lang eh.
10. it will take forever for me to introduce myself. coz im complicated as hell.

i hafta stop this and smoke....
...coz doing this is making me tense.
Im miss you bitch... say you miss me too? lie to me... lie to me ....


Sunday, June 11, 2006

My first entry

- = E N T E R _ R E J O I C E = -

Welcome to my Blog a.k.a. my Twisted Mind...

For starters im not really much of a writer but these days who is? many will surely agree with me. Since anyone can write whatever they want to write, you know that "Freedom of Expression" thingy, i can write whatever and thats good. Additionally, writing can somehow be and is actually proven to be therapeutical. Thats why i'm hoping it will work for me too. Anyway, before i decided to start this Blog i've already been writing some stuff that goes on with my life. All of which are poetry though but it still tells a lot about me. I will post them soon for your reading pleasure. Starting today this will be my new Journal. Hopefully you will like what i write my dear readers *if you will ever exist* as I slowly narrate the story of my twisted life.